Alumni Speaks

Akcheta Shakya
BSc.IT (Batch 2017-2020)

Joining LBEF for my bachelor's degree was one of the right choices I have made for developing myself as a confident individual. LBEF makes sure to provide its students with quality education, focusing on both theoretical and practical knowledge development. Likewise, it has also provided me with numerous opportunities to develop and demonstrate my interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and team coordination and collaboration with my fellow classmates while working on a project. Finally, I would like to conclude, by saying that it was a great experience to be a part of LBEF as it has created a path for me to become an achiever who is confident to face any real work scenario based on her knowledge and skills gained from this institute.

Alisha Bajracharya
BSc.IT (Batch 2017-2020)

My experience studying at LBEF was amazing. A great memory to cherish for a lifetime. LBEF academics is not only focused on students doing well in exams but also to provide the students an opportunity to create and share their creativity and innovative ideas through various assignments and activities. This taught me about time management, self-development, and working in a team. Also, I've improved my interpersonal skills and academic learning after joining LBEF. That's why I'm thankful to each one of the faculty members, staff, supervisors, and students who helped me throughout my journey at LBEF.

Basanta Humagain

My experience at LBEF has been enriching and instrumental in shaping my career. The college's commitment to continuous improvement, industry relevance, and the unwavering support of the faculty have made LBEF an exceptional choice for pursuing B.Sc. IT. I am grateful for the experiences that LBEF has provided me, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an industry-ready education in the field of IT

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