Students of Conduct

Students of Conduct

The following rules are specified with respect to the conduct of students and procedures for handling disciplinary offences.

This Policy covers all students of the College. Students are independent adults with legal and social responsibilities and are accountable for their actions and behaviour. The Asia Pacific University and LBEF Campus & College for Professional Studies fosters a community which has an atmosphere of trust and respect and our commitment stands to honour this. Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with these principles. They should show proper concern in their behaviour for the reputation of the University /College and the student body, and for its effect on their fellow students, staff and their juniors. Misconduct is behaviour which interferes with the proper functioning of the University/College and its activities, or those who work and study in the University/College, or which has the potential to damage the reputation of the University/College or the student body. Such behaviour could take place on College premises or elsewhere, and whilst engaged in College-related activity or not. Separate regulations are made for dealing with academic offences.
The following are examples of what might constitute misconduct:

  1. Disruption of, or improper interference with the academic, administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the University/College;
  2. Obstruction of, or improper interference with the activities, functions or duties of any student, staff member or visitor to the University/College;
  3. Violent, disorderly, threatening, indecent or offensive behaviour or language whilst on College premises or elsewhere;
  4. Falsification or misuse of University/College records, including degree, diploma or other certificates, and of University/College equipment, systems and processes;
  5. False pretences or deception relating to academic assessments and examinations;
  6. Fraud, deceit or dishonesty in relation to the University/College or its staff or in connection with registering as a student, being a student;
  7. Actions which might cause injury or put at risk the health or safety of people on College premises or whilst on University/College activities;
  8. Harassment or bullying in any form including via social media of any student, member of staff, or visitor to the University /College on grounds of their perceived race, nationality, gender, disability, religion, belief, age, other personal characteristic or for any other reason;
  9. Breach of the provisions of the University /College ’s policy on Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression or other similar policy;
  10. Theft, damage to or defacement of University/College property, or the property of other members of the University/College, whether caused intentionally or recklessly;
  11. Attending classes or entering any other learning environment whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  12. Misuse or unauthorised use of College premises or items of property, including computer misuse, or breaches of the University code on acceptable network use;
  13. Conduct which constitutes a criminal offence, including possession of offensive weapons, possession of implements that are intended for use as weapons and possession of illegal substances on College premises;
  14. Failure to comply with a previously imposed penalty under the disciplinary procedures;
  15. Bringing the University/College into disrepute;

Students of the University studying at partner colleges will normally be subject to the disciplinary procedures of the partner college in the first instance. Where the alleged misconduct has the potential to damage the reputation of the University or the University’s student body, the University will liaise with the partner college as necessary to determine the appropriate procedures to be followed. At the discretion of the University and the partner college, it may be deemed appropriate for an allegation to be considered under the University’s disciplinary procedures.

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