Benefits of Credit Transfer for Management Students


BEF Campus, since its inception in 1998, is a pioneer and prominent teaching and research institution in Nepal. We are proud to be known as “First IT College of Nepal”. Over two-decade experience has taught us that progress is possible only if education is aligned with industry requirements and focused on outcome-based education. We have, as an Alma mater, witnessed the achievements of the over 8500 of our graduates produced through the years, symbolizing the quality standards maintained by the Institution.

At LBEF, we always strive to impart outcome centric and quality-focused education to our students so as to create “Job Givers” instead of “Job Seekers”.

LBEF, along with various reputed universities of Australia and Canada, have given an opportunity to BBM/BBA students of Nepal for credit transfer into these universities and experience the world-class academics by studying there.

Some of the benefits of the credit transfer system are listed as below –

  • Cost Efficiency - The major benefit of credit transfer is that it offers the opportunity to reduce educational costs substantially. In general, credit transfer systems allow students to save 1/3 of the total cost which is approximately 35 lacs in Nepali Currency.
  • Better Course Choices - By the mean of credit transfer, the students can make better course choices as they will be able to earn internationally acclaimed degree at affordable fees.
  • International Exposure - Changing international business canvas requires international exposure to the workforce and credit transfer system offers a student to complete his/her degree in international university at their campus.
  • Dual Academic Recognition - A student taking admission through credit transfer will be certified by two institutions i.e. one at Nepal and one from International University where student will get transferred.
  • Easier Exploration of Career Options - Having an International degree while studying in an international environment will offer several job and career options and opportunities at not only national level but international level as well.
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